Laser Alignment—Shaft, Sheave & Optical

Machines running in proper alignment operate at their most efficient, with no undo wear and stress on mechanical components. The benefits of precision shaft alignment is clear: machines consume less power, operate with appropriate vibration levels and limit wear on bearings, couplings and mechanical seals thereby extending life of equipment.

Results are equipment reliability with predicable up-time, no unplanned work stoppages, reduced operating costs with minimal degradation of machine components.

Machine Alignment: absolute requirement for successful equipment operations

Machine misalignment is considered one of the primary reasons for equipment failure and associated down time of in-service equipment. Misaligned machines not only destroy components such as couplings, shafts and bearings, but also increase the amount of energy used to operate a machine.

There are two types of misalignment: parallel and angular misalignment, and symptoms are obvious: short life of bearings, seals, shafts and/or couplings, excessive radial and axial vibrations, hot spots at or near bearings or machinery casings, breaking or cracking shafts, excessive amount of oil leakage at bearing seals, rubber residue inside coupling shroud, loose foundation and/or coupling bolts and resonance.

Employ Envibe to Increase Equipment Reliability

Using the most accurate laser alignment method available, EnVibe’s Analysts combine expert knowledge and in-the-field experience with the latest technology to align machines to exacting standards, ensuring optimum equipment performance, reliability and longer equipment and component life.

EnVibe’s Laser Alignment Service is all-encompassing: we correct errors of parallel misalignment, angular misalignment or a combination of the two. In addition, we perform vertical and horizontal machine alignment on any size of machine in any location in any industry.

Partner with EnVibe for the Health of your operating Equipment

EnVibe has over 165 years combined vibration and industrial technologies experience, and has been working in diverse industries such as petrochemical plants, refineries, research institutions, commercial and governmental facilities, offshore/onshore drilling rigs and platforms, manufacturing plants, marine vessels, power generation facilities, food plants, municipal utilities, hospitals, paper plants for 20 years.

EnVibe’s primary goal is the health, maintenance, safety and optimized functionality of your operating environment.

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