Ultrasonic Evaluation

Ultrasonic inspection senses high-frequency sounds produced by air, steam, gas, and electrical operating equipment. Ultrasound, a high frequency, short sound wave signal that is extremely effective in noisy environments, is used by Envibe’s Analysts during the Ultrasonic Evaluation.

Using ultrasound technology provides early warning of potential problems like locating and evaluating compressed air leaks, steam leaks, analyze steam traps, locate gas leaks and determine electrical faults.

Envibe’s Ultrasonic Evaluation Services are:

  • Leak Detection – Compressed Air, Steam, and other Gases
  • Precision Lubrication Analysis
  • Bearing and Gear Condition Evaluation
  • Steam Trap Evaluation
  • Electrical Discharge Analysis
  • Pipewall Thickness Measurement

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Safety Certified and Accredited

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