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With over 165 years combined vibration and industrial technologies experience, supported by an impeccable safety record, accreditation and innovation, the EnVibe Analyst Team is one of our greatest assets. Our daily, in-the-field experience with different machinery configurations, equipment and operating environments and the problems produced give us unparalleled access to proven, creative solutions. Everyday, EnVibe Analysts pride ourselves with getting to the root cause of the equipment problems, correcting machinery malfunctions and providing solutions for our clients.

All of EnVibe’s analysts have up-to-date Basic Orientation Plus training from a Safety Council that is part of the Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils (ARSC). Additionally, each EnVibe Predictive Maintenance analyst carries a current Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card, and several are Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET) and Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) certified. Please see our Safety is Priority One page for more information.

Please take a moment to get acquainted with Your Analyst

Grady Gage Sr. joined EnVibe in 1999. He is responsible for managing predictive maintenance programs for many facilities including buildings, offshore platforms, water treatment, power and petrochemical plants. He has utilized a host of trouble-shooting techniques including vibration analysis, infrared thermography and laser-alignment to solve problems with hundreds of different types of rotating equipment and on fixed structures as well. Over the years Grady has worked on rotating elements from small blowers to 800-megawatt steam turbine generators.

Grady began his career in 1991 with Vibranalysis Engineering Inc. where he traveled the world performing vibration analysis, balance and alignment. He was also involved in many vibration and acoustic projects including the building of sound walls for compressor stations and assisted in long and short term acoustical surveys. Throughout his career, Grady has continued to develop his skills by attending industry courses including those held by the Vibration Institute.

A graduate of the University of Texas with a B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering (1958) and the University of Houston with a B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering (1960), Robert has extensive experience in the implementation of condition monitoring and diagnostics programs. Robert also has extensive experience in assessment and control of acoustics and noise problems.

Robert is a Registered Engineer in the State of Texas and is a Charter Member of the Houston Chapter of the Vibration Institute and a member of the Acoustic Society of America.


Darren Schur joined EnVibe in 2003. Darren is responsible for vibration analyst recording data for EnVibe’s ongoing Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Programs for major companies like Arkema, Inc., Anheuser-Busch InBev, Maximus Coffee Group, GB Bioscience Corp. – Syngenta, Ben E. Keith Foods and AmeriCold.

Darren started his Vibration Analysis career in 1990, with Joe McCollum as his mentor. He cut his teeth on long-term PdM contracts with the City of Houston Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) where he was the go-to guy about any piece of equipment at any of the facilities. During his 13 years with Vibranalysis Engineering Corp (VEC), Darren learned machine and coupling alignment using the reverse dial indicator method, then continued to learn and adapt to new equipment and measurement technology, learning laser alignment method when it was still in developmental days.

Darren’s dedication to perfect alignment gains him the title of “Mr. Zeros”—when given machine alignment responsibility, he aligns to all “0”s, far more accurate than the industry accepted 1/1000th of an inch. In addition, Darren’s personal work ethic, commitment to excellence on the job and attention to detail makes him a Balance Technician beyond compare.

Prior to his Vibration Analysis career, Darren was an ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certified Master Technician specializing in transmission rebuilding.

Alex Barahona has a remarkable combination of technical/mechanical/electrical aptitude, hand skills, tenacity for problem solving mixed with a dedicated customer service attitude. For the past six years he’s honed these attributes at Batteries Plus, where he lead teams to rebuild, troubleshoot and repair batteries, chargers and electrical components, both in the field and in-house. Alex lead time-sensitive, large battery/circuit-powered assembly projects of custom built batteries, researching all components, diagnosing, troubleshooting and reproducing proprietary units. Using his insatiable desire to know how things work constantly found outside-the-box solutions for continued customer satisfaction.

Prior to Batteries Plus, Alex managed the execution of corporate housing for CWS corporate Housing. For over 4.5 years, he applied critical thinking and problem solving skills under regular and stressful environments with a courteous, professional smile around corporate and individual clients. Not to be overlooked, Alex also kept control of budgets, purchasing, employee management, safety training, and logistics to turn out fully furnished corporate leased apartments and homes.

A native of El Salvador, Alex has won several awards of distinction for woodworking (district and state), is well versed in welding and continues to love working with his hands.

As a Field Technician for EnVibe, Alex will apply all of his past experiences, prioritizing customer service, employing curiosity of “how things work behind the scenes” with technical/mechanical/electrical knowledge for our clients’ success. Alex passed his Vibration Analysis Cat I test within 1.5 years of employ with EnVibe, and is now aggressively pursuing Cat II and Infrared Thermographer Level I.

Before joining EnVibe, Marco Valadez cut his teeth on everything from project management to CNC operations. He brings to EnVibe clients his robust combination of traits—enthusiasm for the project at hand, curiosity to discover, patience to learn and tenacity to solve. His most recent occupation was installing large scale public and commercial works that required prioritizing safety, efficiency, the miriad of details, while maintaining team leadership and camaraderie.

Prior to Ambius, Marco took his long-term construction knowledge and applied it to overseeing remediation and restoration projects for water damage in residential and commercial spaces. Working with his team, Marco managed restoration projects from top to bottom, from sourcing and purchasing required materials, to executing and delivering on schedule and budget all sold services. This developed Marco’s practical understanding of structures, and the roll cause and effect play on mechanical and structural elements. EnVibe clients benefit from Marcos ability to identify scale, resources and priorities to deliver solutions with impeccable customer service.

Growing up with his father as a mechanic, Marcos developed a natural affinity for learning how things work, both inside and out. He applies this honed intuition, and continues to learn and grow this knowledge, with every EnVibe project he encounters. Learning from his cohorts and senior leadership, Marco brings thoughtful idea exchanges as well as practical application his job.

Marcos is a huge fan of soccer, so much that he was up to playing 4-5 days/week. Since life sometimes gets in the way, Marco now shares his love of Futsal (Brazilian soccer) with other loves—his wife, children and learning new things.

As a Field Technician for EnVibe, Marcos works extremely hard to find the answers to client’s problems, never shying away from the unknown.


Tom launched EnVibe in 1997 with the priority to deliver high-quality and timely data to the Equipment Reliability Industry. For over 19 years, Tom has grown EnVibe from a single idea to a 12 person operation. From being ‘once-in-the-field’ to being CEO, Tom’s knowledge and acumen of the equipment reliability industry leads the way in servicing the industries dependent on operating efficiencies. With strategic partnership development, employment of new technologies, acquisition of industry talent, exceptional safety priorities and customer service, Tom continues to advance EnVibe to the next level of equipment reliability service and visionary accomplishment. He is a member of the Vibration Institute, ACOE, RETA and SMRP and is currently seeking CMRP certification. In addition, Tom is a graduate of the University of Texas and continues his alum responsibilities by attending every possible UT football game with his family.

Safety Certified and Accredited

TVTC Safety Training Centers, ISNetworld Member Contractor, Avetta, GRMS, DISA, TWIC US Department of Homeland Security, and CanQual

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