Oil Analysis

Oil is the lifeblood of most machines. The condition of oil affects the health of the machine and likewise the health of the machine can be determined by the condition of the oil. EnVibe’s Oil Analysis Service provides the information you need to help your machines live a long, healthy life.

Laboratory analysis of the engine oils, greases or hydraulic fluids in your machine can provide indications about the level of wear or the detection of defective parts, uneven wear, machine component degradation and predict possible costly or catastrophic failure.

State-of-the-art oil analysis technology = equipment reliability

Utilizing technologies such as microscopy, spectrometry, particle analysis, viscosity and dilution analysis, EnVibe’s Oil Analysis Service looks for suspended contaminants, wear debris and other anomalies that provide evidence of the condition of your in-service operating equipment.

EnVibe’s easy-to-read, analytical reports provide you with operational recommendations, root cause analysis and any necessary corrective maintenance measures.

Oil analysis draws a historical picture

It is important to have a record of oil analysis samples over the life of a particular machine: the data will illuminate trends which can help prevent costly repairs and limit downtime.

EnVibe’s Oil Analysis includes the analysis of additives in the oil, determining the remaining useful life of the additive and their effectiveness. When comparing the history of used oil with freshly collected oil, EnVibe can determine if oil must be replaced or if oil can be “sweetened” to its original additive levels by either adding fresh oil or replenishing additives. Results are cost savings and optimization of the lifeblood of your machine.

Maximize the health of equipment with EnVibe’s Predictive Maintenance Program

EnVibe’s Oil Analysis can be contracted independently, however, the health of your overall operating environment is realized when used as a key part of EnVibe’s Predictive Maintenance (Pdm) Service. EnVibe’s PdM Program uses a broad array of nondestructive and noninvasive testing and diagnostic technologies on in-service equipment in addition to oil analysis: vibration analysis, infrared diagnosis, ultrasonic evaluation and continuous remote monitoring. The real-time, diagnostic data combined with historical process performance and expert analysis offers cost savings over routine or time-based preventative maintenance because tasks are performed only when warranted.

EnVibe’s Oil Analysis can save your company time and money by:

  • Informing when oil needs to be changed, often extending the intervals between oil changes
  • Extending the life of your equipment
  • Testing for viscosity breakdown
  • Determining what internal components are wearing
  • Checking for contaminates

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