Vibration Analysis for Sensitive Backgrounds

Environmental and conditional disturbances come from many sources and can have significant adverse effect on facilities that contain sensitive equipment like computers, electronics, manufacturing facilities, nanotechnology, animal vivariums and medical research.

EnVibe employs state-of-the-art instrumentation and experience that measures these disturbances to provide solid technical information identifying the sources and recommending corrective outcomes. EnVibe’s service also includes site evaluations prior to the installation of sensitive equipment to ensure that your equipment performs accurately without ambient, background vibrational impact.

EnVibe takes a unique, comprehensive approach

Using engineering knowledge, structural design, environmental awareness and experience, EnVibe takes a broad assessment of the affected environment. Many times, the disturbance can be quickly identified and remedied with one or two calls.

Sometimes, however, the disturbance does not immediately present itself, wherein which EnVibe installs long-term monitoring equipment. Frequently, vibrational disturbances exist below the threshold that humans feel, occur at hours where labs are unsupervised, occur intermittently, or happen as a result of unforeseen situations from an outside source.

For example, a scientist working in a research facility could have limited working knowledge of a building’s mechanics and have sensitive equipment installed near a wall that hides an unbalanced air handler that turns on intermittently. EnVibe’s experience affords the advantage of knowing where to look inside and outside structures and review transient occurrences of building equipment use. And, instead of dampening the sound or building a barrier to mask the disturbance, EnVibe fixes the disturbance, costing far less money, time and frustration with a continued worsening situation.

EnVibe’s success is in the results

EnVibe has detected environmental disturbances from nearby interior building equipment as well as neighboring building equipment and air-conditioning systems, construction in nearby areas, surrounding-area industrial equipment, human influence such as a janitors pushing plastic carts with flattened wheels, truck traffic due to detours, commuter bus traffic and potholes in highways.

The number of environmental factors are endless, and EnVibe employs instrumentation, sound data, time and expert analysis to get to the heart of the disturbance.

EnVibe has employed their successful strategies in locations including crime labs that use extremely sensitive equipment like spectrometers, art museums hanging old, valuable and fragile paintings, medical research facilities with live animals, medical MRI installations and low-tolerance, precision manufacturing facilities. In addition, EnVibe has the Master Service Agreement (MSA) vendor relationship with Philips Healthcare as the exclusive vendor in North America for prepping installation and troubleshooting installed MRI machines.

If you feel there is an environmental disturbance and but cannot identify it, let EnVibe apply their analytical expertise to solve the mystery and provide recommendations for elimination.

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