Is Predictive Maintenance Effective?

Studies by some of the largest and most technologically advanced companies such as General Motors and 3M have shown that average rate of return ranges from 7 to 1 to as high as 35 to 1, depending on the industry.

In other words, for every dollar spent on a predictive maintenance program, a company will save anywhere from 7 to 35 dollars. This is real money that would have been spent on lost production, added inventory, labor, parts duplication and equipment redundancy, etc.

In addition to saving money, you will be able to utilize your plant equipment and personnel more efficiently, your equipment will last longer and second and third shift or weekend breakdowns can become non-existent.

EnVibe Five-Year PdM Program Case History

EnVibe has authored a Five-Year PdM Program Case History, with Single Plant Overall Data discussed here.

Prior to implementing the plant PdM program, machine faults went undetected by existing in-plant Preventative Maintenance practices and were only repaired when a problem became obvious or after a catastrophic failure. General equipment unreliability was the norm. With EnVibe’s continued monitoring and corrective procedures (see associated graphs in article) witness how vibration levels are reduced to within what Plant Engineering Magazine states is a “World Class Rating” (overall plant averaged levels below .1 In/Sec Pk). Read more…..

EnVibe, Inc. Predictive Maintenance Five Year Study document is also available for download in PDF form © EnVibe, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

EnVibe Eight-Year PdM Program Case History at Large Food Plant

EnVibe implemented a Predictive Maintenance Program (PdM) for eight years at ABC Foods Plant in Houston, TX and shares the positive results.

ABC personnel played an integral part in setting up the program and implementing the repair procedures when machinery faults were detected. Critical to the success of the program was that the maintenance and operations departments were on board with the procedures and goals we were striving to achieve with the vibration surveys, analysis and repairs. Several training seminars were given to the ABC personnel to increase their knowledge of vibration analysis, lubrication techniques, alignment procedures and mass balance procedures of rotating equipment. Read more…..

EnVibe, Inc. Predictive Maintenance Eight Year Study document is also available for download in PDF form. © 2012 EnVibe, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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