Envibe’s Equipment and Software Toolbelt

If you have preferred instrumentation and/or software, EnVibe can work with your equipment for data collection and analysis.

BeltHog Sheave Alignment Instrument

Commtest Ascent Analysis Software
Commtest VB5 Machinery Analyzer
Commtest VB7 Machinery Analyzer

Easy-Laser D90 Belt Alignment Tool (used for Laser Alignment)

Emerson CSI AMS Suite Machinery Analysis Software
Emerson CSI Model 2130 Machinery Analyzer

FixturLaser Alignment Instrument (used for Laser Alignment)

Fluke TI-45 Thermal Imager (used for Infrared Thermography)
Fluke TI-32 Industrial Thermal Imager (used for Infrared Thermography)
Fluke TIX500 60HZ 320X240 IR Camera with 5.7 touchscreen (used for Infrared Thermography)

ME’scopeVES (Visual Engineering Series) Software (see samples) (used for Rotating Equipment Vibration Analysis)

National Instruments EZ Thomas Rotating Machinery Software
National Instruments EZ Analyst Vibration Analysis & Recording Software (used for Vibration Analysis Services)
National Instruments 24 Channel Zonic Book
National Instruments 10 Channel 652u Data Collector
National Instruments 20 Channel 672u Data Collector

NDT Systems Thickness Meter (used for Ultrasonic Evaluation)

Star6 Modal ODS System

UE Ultrasonic Monitor (used for Ultrasonic Evaluation)

Vibro-Audio/Fine Tune

Safety Certified and Accredited

TVTC Safety Training Centers, ISNetworld Member Contractor, Avetta, GRMS, DISA, TWIC US Department of Homeland Security, and CanQual

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