Vibration Analysis Services

EnVibe’s Vibration Analysis Service utilizes the science of monitoring vibration patterns of motors, pumps, any operating equipment or environments to detect healthy and unhealthy vibrational patterns. All mechanical equipment has an inherent natural resonance and vibrational pattern; identifying, analyzing and correcting any vibrational variations is EnVibe’s expertise.

Trust EnVibe’s Vibration Analysis acumen

Unwanted vibrational motions of engines, electric motors or any mechanical device in operation can be caused by imbalances in rotating parts, fluid-induced instabilities, uneven friction, mechanical looseness, gear faults, foundation and other mechanical failure issues.

EnVibe’s Expert Analysts combines exhaustive in-the-field experience, state-of-the-art technologies and breadth of knowledge to determine if the vibrational pattern you are witnessing is good, bad or catastrophic.

Utilize EnVibe to apply their findings to corrective measures

EnVibe’s Vibration Analysis starts with the foundation of the machine, and continues collecting full spectrum and time wave form data vibration signatures until root cause is identified. At the point of revelation, your Analyst will provide a detailed, on-site report with corrective recommendations.

EnVibe’s expertise doesn’t stop with analysis: EnVibe can follow up it’s findings with corrective measures such as dynamic field balancing, laser shaft alignment, accelerometer installation, remote monitoring and analysis and performance tracking and record management.

Make EnVibe your Equipment Reliability Partner

EnVibe’s priority is the total health of your plant’s assets. Our Vibration Analysis Services can be done on an “as needed” call out basis, or can be tailored into a Predictive Maintenance Program (PdM) that will improve reliability, increase safety, optimize asset life, and enhance production and operating efficiencies.

Single to multi-channel data collection and analysis can be performed on all types of equipment and location, including, but not limited to industrial, marine vessels, hospitals, research institutions, offshore/onshore rigs drilling rigs and platforms, power and petrochemical plants, refineries, rail, gasification and renewable energy, food plants, municipal utilities, art museums, commercial and governmental buildings and facilities—wherever there is vibration, EnVibe can collect, analyze and prevent any possible catastrophic equipment failure.

EnVibe’s Vibration Analysis is not limited to rotating equipment

Additionally, EnVibe uses Vibration Analysis technology to detect and address environmental vibrational disturbances that can have significant adverse effect on facilities that contain sensitive equipment like computers, electronics, manufacturing facilities, nanotechnology, animal vivariums and medical research.

When you call EnVibe for Vibration Analysis Services, you can expect

  • Diagnosis of imbalance, misalignment and looseness
  • Determination of structural resonances
  • Discovering of bearing and gear faults
  • Perform one-time callout analysis and/or periodic contract monitoring
  • Acquire baseline data acquisition and analysis
  • Troubleshoot recurring problems with root-cause analysis
  • Identify belt and related faults
  • Improve your equipment reliability and up-time
  • Manage and schedule downtime
  • Enhance machine safety levels
  • Boost your ability to meet production targets
  • Ultimately meet your department or plant’s bottom line goals more consistently

EnVibe’s Comprehensive Step-by-Step Predictive Maintenance Program

  • Step 1: Complete Database Development
  • Step 2: Baseline Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Step 3: Regular Monitoring and Analysis
  • Step 4: Data Management and Concise Reporting
  • Step 5: Corrective Action and New Data Acquisition

Details are available on How Vibration Analysis Works.

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