Steps to Equipment Reliability: EnVibe’s Predictive Maintenance Program

Partner with EnVibe and their Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Program to benefit from our comprehensive approach of developing a long-term relationship with the reliability of your company’s equipment. Using state-of-the-art technology, expert analysis, clear, concise reporting and action-item recommendations, EnVibe’s step-by-step PdM Program is geared towards extending the life and reliability of your most valuable assets.

Step 1: Complete Database Development

The first phase of the Predictive Maintenance Program is the development of a comprehensive database for each machine in the PdM program.

Specific design, engineering and installation data will be identified and merged with EnVibe’s proprietary analysis software package to develop a clear picture of your operating environment.

Step 2: Baseline Data Acquisition and Analysis

The second phase of the Predictive Maintenance Program determines the initial operating condition of all equipment included in the Program.

EnVibe’s PdM uses a broad array of nondestructive and noninvasive testing and diagnostic technologies on in-service equipment such as vibration analysis, oil analysis, infrared diagnosis, and ultrasonic evaluation to establish the benchmark and status of operating equipment.

EnVibe’s exhaustive diagnostic analysis produces a series of conclusive reports that identify specific problems, provide specific corrective actions and establish a priority (based on problem severity) for maintenance actions.

Step 3: Regular Monitoring and Analysis

The third phase of your Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Program periodic monitoring of all equipment included in the Program.

The maximum interval of periodic monitoring for any one machine in the PdM Program is 180 days. Depending on the type, design and function of the machine, frequency of monitoring may be as often as once every other month. Continuous and remote monitoring also sometimes warranted, and will be advised by your Analyst.

Based on general failure history for operating equipment, monitoring intervals greater than 180 days dramatically increases the potential for undetected, catastrophic failure.


Step 4: Data and Record Management with Clear, Concise Reporting

EnVibe’s specialized software package completely tracks and manages your Predictive Maintenance Program data. This proprietary software uses a relational database which provides the most efficient method for accessing, correlating and managing all of your equipment reliability data.

Complete, concise and clear reports are prepared after each periodic PdM visit, defining specific maintenance tasks that are required to correct problems identified by the Program. Each easy-to-read analytical report prioritizes a list of specific maintenance or inspection tasks that are required to verify or correct developing problems.

Reports are submitted to appropriate personnel and, in the event that an imminent problem is discovered that jeopardizes personnel safety or equipment operation, responsible parties will be notified immediately.

Step 5: Corrective Action and fresh Data Acquisition

EnVibe can schedule and perform corrective action on any equipment found to have exceeded industry established vibration parameters with it’s dynamic field balancing, laser shaft alignment or any other necessary remedies.

To complete the PdM Program, once corrective action has been performed, new diagnostic testing and vibration readings will be taken to establish new baselines and to verify effectiveness of corrective measures.

Partner with EnVibe, Experts in the field of Equipment Reliability

EnVibe has over 165 years combined vibration and industrial technologies experience, and has been working in diverse industries for over 15 years. When partnering with EnVibe, our goals mirror yours: improve reliability, increase safety, optimize asset life, and enhance production and operating efficiencies using the latest predictive maintenance and vibration analysis technologies. We employ proven technologies and Reliability Industry Best Practices which are critical to enhancing your equipment reliability.

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