Dynamic Field Balancing

There are many reasons for imbalance in rotating equipment, and most are not witnessed when a rotor is isolated outside of it’s operating environment.

To prevent critical, unseen variables that occur when a rotor is removed and shop balanced, EnVibe’s Dynamic Field Balancing Service is performed in the field, under normal operating conditions, assuring that your equipment will be operating at optimal vibration levels upon start up.


Imbalance issues are critical, and cause stress on machine components resulting in premature failures.

Common causes for imbalance can be a multitude of issues, from age related problems like erosion and corrosion of rotor, bearings or seals; distortion problems such as looseness, rotational stresses, aerodynamics, thermal effects and maintenance repairs over time; improperly shop-balanced rotors; material problems such as density, porosity, voids and blowholes; fabrication problems such as deformed castings, irregular machining and/or incorrect assembly; bowed, bent, or eccentric shafts; product build-up on rotors common in fans, blowers, compressors and other rotating equipment.

Additionally, frequently rotors are factory balanced for a rigid condition, but require flexible rotor balancing when installed and in service.


With EnVibe’s Dynamic Field-Balancing Service, we pride ourselves with properly diagnosing the reason for imbalance. Our Expert Analysts look at each unbalanced issue individually, with fresh eyes backed with extensive knowledge and experience. Using state-of-the-art equipment, expert analysis, detailed data acquisition including phase measurements, and a comprehensive understanding of all things mechanical, we get to the root cause of excessive vibration and the resulting imbalance.

Our analysis takes into account critical considerations for overhung rotors, unusual configurations, influences of other machinery as well as differentiating imbalance from other problems such as misalignment and resonance. EnVibe’s field balancing include single and multi-plane balancing.


Exhaustive in our process, once EnVibe’s Dynamic Field Balance Service adjusts and controls the mass distribution for your equipment’s requirements, we conduct a final assessment by performing secondary and multiple fault checking to ensure complete correction of imbalance.

Once fully balanced, benefits to your operating equipment include:

  • Reduced Bearing Loads and Reduced Structural Stress
  • Improved Running Conditions
  • Lower Operating Costs and Energy Consumption
  • Increase Performance, Machine Availability and Length of Service
  • Minimize Noise Vibration
  • Reduce Impact of Noise on Operator Efficiency
  • Increase Personnel Safety

Couple these benefits with reduced expense of not removing, shipping and re-installing rotors and you have winning combinations.

EnVibe’s Dynamic Field Balancing Experts work in virtually any industry on any type of rotating equipment.

EnVibe has extensive Dynamic Field Balancing experience and success with:

  • Air Handlers
  • Cooling Tower Fans
  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Turbines and Generators
  • Couplings
  • Induction and Force-Draft Fans and Blowers

Partner with EnVibe for the Health of your operating Equipment

EnVibe has over 165 years combined vibration and industrial technologies experience, and has been working in diverse industries such as petrochemical plants, refineries, research institutions, commercial and governmental facilities, offshore/onshore drilling rigs and platforms, manufacturing plants, marine vessels, power generation facilities, food plants, municipal utilities, hospitals, paper plants for decades.

EnVibe’s primary goal is the health, maintenance, safety and optimized functionality of your operating environment.

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