Advanced Vibration Analysis Diagnostics

When your company is in machinery-intensive industries such as oil and gas production, hydrocarbon processing, electric power generation, pulp & paper, water and waste water treatment, you are familiar with the maintenance needs of turbomachinery equipment.

EnVibe’s Advanced Rotating Equipment Vibration Analysis Services employs state-of-the-art data collection and advanced modeling techniques that enable us to quickly identify current machinery malfunctions by looking at:

  • future behavior of shaft cracks and shaft misalignment
  • flatness and shape of shaft
  • rotor imbalance
  • fluid-induced instabilities
  • rubbing malfunctions between stationary and rotating parts
  • mechanical looseness
  • gear faults
  • foundation and other mechanical failure issues

EnVibe’s Advanced Turbomachinery Services also include:

  • startup, steady-state, shut-down and transient monitoring and analysis
  • journal bearing and seals analysis
  • evaluation of preload conditions
  • critical speed analysis
  • unbalance response
  • rotordynamic instability

EnVibe’s in-field experience is the value

Vibration Monitoring with data collection is one of the most important tools for predicting, preventing and troubleshooting mechanical malfunctions of rotating machinery. EnVibe’s Advanced Rotating Equipment Vibration Analysis Service value is often in the form of a second opinion with a corroboration of your data recording vibration signals of your equipment.

Quite often, the problem, even with extensive data collection, does not present itself clearly, and you rely on EnVibe’s continually fresh, in-the-field expertise, experience and analysis to crack the problem wide open.

At EnVibe, Our Analysts see different machinery configurations, equipment and operating environments everyday. We also see the problems produced. And everyday, EnVibe has to get to the root cause of the equipment problems, correct machinery malfunctions and provide solutions for our clients.

Let EnVibe provide sound historical data

In addition, EnVibe has the capabilities to maintain and produce recorded data to provide a comprehensive history of the operating equipment. This tool and information is invaluable for diagnosing difficult equipment operating malfunctions, and is directly valuable for predictive maintenance and equipment reliability.

EnVibe’s Advanced Rotating Equipment Vibration Analysis Services employs modal, orbital and torsional analysis and theoretical Operational Deflection Shapes (ODS) for comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of the most complex, dynamic problems that plague rotating machinery. EnVibe’s Rotating Equipment Vibration Analysis Program utilizes the latest hardware and software collection of real-time data to combine with theoretical “what if” solutions, modifying model structures until corrective direction can be produced, identified and implemented.

Modal Analysis

Modal analysis measures and analyzes the dynamic response of structures and fluids under vibrational excitation. Depending on the excitation force frequency, deformation patterns (bending, twisting) are produced and are referred to as mode shapes, where the animated display of the mode shape is useful in diagnosing malfunctioning conditions. EnVibe’s simulation analysis can create a ‘real-life’ simulation models where characteristic mass, frequency and damping can be estimated from the measurements.

Orbital Analysis

Orbital analysis provides EnVibe Analysts the most accurate tool for diagnosing complex mechanical malfunctioning of rotating equipment by allowing direct observation of the center of the shaft and it’s movements. Depending on the relationship of the center of the shaft to stationary plot points, orbits are produced with state-of-the-art software showing different shapes that indicate different fault conditions and forces on the shaft.

By allowing the direct observation of the rotating shaft, EnVibe’s orbital analysis of vibration in high-speed turbomachinery is of great advantage over one-dimensional accelerometer and casing measurements which can be masked by fluid-bearings that generally have damping and stiffness characteristics that do not adequately transmit shaft vibration.

Torsional Analysis

Torsional vibration is often consider a silent killer, and, if not correctly identified, can lead to catastrophic mechanical failure. All rotating equipment machinery experience torsional loads, that, when combined the load can cause torque that causes vibration problems. Commonly, torque results along a shaft at its axis of rotation. With Envibe’s Rotating Equipment Analysis Services, our comprehensive analysis considers the entire operating condition, including excitation and tolerances in manufacturing and installation to develop a complete diagnostic evaluation. Torsional modes are identified and recommendations for correction result.

Operating Deflection Shapes

Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis uses real-time data to produce animated geometry models of your mechanical system when influenced by various forces and hypothetical operating conditions such as engine speed, load, pressure, temperature and flow. ODS also looks at vibration patterns of a structure as a function of time, spectral and run-up/down time. Combined with EnVibe’s suite of state-of-the-art diagnostic instrumentation, ODS is an incredibly valuable technique in identifying root cause failure and predicting any possible mechanical failure.

With EnVibe, you will have the answer

With EnVibe as your Equipment Reliability Partner, fear not the scenario of your Vibration Analyst not having the answer: when the collected and analyzed data doesn’t solve the problem, EnVibe Analysts expand their scope of data collection to get to the heart of the problem. This might include other systemic issues like the motor’s mounting or stator, foundation, or other oblique condition(s). Depend on EnVibe for it’s expertise, experience and tenacity for solving the problem of your rotating equipment.


EnVibe Authored Case Studies

EnVibe Case History:
Carbon Seal Rub on a Steam Turbine

Summary: This article describes the effects and vibration responses when carbon seal rubs are experienced on a steam turbine and procedures for correction.

EnVibe’s Case History: Carbon Seal Rub on a Steam Turbine PDF is available for download. Please respect ©EnVibe, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

EnVibe Case History: Pitfalls and Analysis of the Pre-Load Conditions of a Journal Sleeve Bearing

Summary: This article describes the limitations and pitfalls of single-channel data as opposed to dual-channel data in the analysis of a journal sleeve bearing.

EnVibe’s Case History PDF is available for download. Please respect ©EnVibe, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

EnVibe’s Advanced Analytical Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS)

Images collected using National Instruments 10 Channel 652u Data Collector/National Instruments 20 Channel 672u Data Collector with ME’scopeVES (Visual Engineering Series) Software

Looking closely, you can see how both bearings are moving.

ODS of Gearbox at 1x animation.

3x animation

6x animation

9x animation

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