EnVibe’s Equipment Reliability Services

EnVibe’s Predictive Maintenance Programs and Services are an integral part of creating a healthy, reliable equipment operating environment. EnVibe’s services improve reliability, increase safety, optimize asset life, and enhance production and operating efficiencies.

Combined with expert analysis, EnVibe’s preventative maintenance reports focus on delivering high-quality data in easy-to-read, analytical outlines with action-item preventative maintenance and equipment reliability solutions. Envibe provides on-time/anytime service, comprehensive data collection backed up with expert knowledge and in-field equipment reliability services, while employing proven technologies and Reliability Industry Best Practices.

Envibe, The Equipment Reliability Specialists, is proud to offer comprehensive services:

When partnering with Envibe’s Predictive Maintenance Programs and Services, results are instant: once the on-site analysis is complete, you will immediately receive a description of service and equipment reliability operating recommendations summary for critical implementation, scheduling of follow-up services and planning possible equipment downtime.

EnVibe designs and implements predictive maintenance programs in a wide range of industries: food plants, manufacturing facilities; water, gas and power facilities; municipal utilities; petrochemical plants; hospitals; paper plants; commercial buildings; offshore/onshore rigs and platforms and more. EnVibe’s programs can be tailored to virtually any industry, any industrial equipment.

All of EnVibe’s Analysts have up-to-date Basic Orientation Plus training from a Safety Council that is part of the Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils (ARSC). Additionally, each EnVibe Analyst carries a current Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card, and several are Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET) and Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) certified. Please see our Safety is Priority One page for more information.

Other Services

Vibration Analysis Services

Advanced Vibration Analysis Diagnostics

Dynamic Field Balancing

Laser Alignment—Shaft, Sheave & Optical

EnCAM—Remote Condition Asset Monitoring and Analysis

MAP—Motion Analysis Process Powered by ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS DragonVision

Stray Voltage Analysis

Predictive Maintenance PdM Programs

Oil Analysis

Infrared Diagnostics—Mechanical & Electrical

Vibration Analysis for Sensitive Backgrounds

Ultrasonic Evaluation

Accelerometer and Sensor Installation

Vibration Monitoring Systems Calibration

Performance Tracking and Equipment Asset Record Management

Safety Certified and Accredited

TVTC Safety Training Centers, ISNetworld Member Contractor, Avetta, GRMS, DISA, TWIC US Department of Homeland Security, and CanQual

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