Predictive Maintenance PdM Programs

With Predictive Maintenance Services (PdM) from EnVibe, your vital operating equipment communicates with you and your EnVibe Expert Analysts about the status of internally operating conditions and creates a proactive, rather than reactive equipment reliability system.

Predict not only when a problem will occur, but where and how

Employing EnVibe’s Predictive Maintenance Program (PdM), also known as Condition Based Monitoring (CBM), as an integral part of your healthy plant operations is vital to preventing unexpected equipment failures. The simplest and most efficient way to fix a problem is to make sure the problem never happens in the first place.

When data from your PdM Program identifies the need for equipment adjustment, you can schedule convenient times for corrective maintenance procedures. Going from unplanned stops to planned stops saves money, time and increases efficiencies.

In addition, a comprehensive and successful PdM Program extends equipment lifetime, increases plant safety with fewer accidents, identifies equipment efficiency improvements and optimizes spare parts handling.

Corrective Maintenance only when warranted = realized cost savings

EnVibe’s PdM Program uses a broad array of nondestructive and noninvasive testing and diagnostic technologies on in-service equipment such as vibration analysis, oil analysis, infrared diagnosis, ultrasonic evaluation and continuous remote monitoring. The real-time, diagnostic data combined with historical process performance and expert analysis offers cost savings over routine or time-based preventative maintenance because tasks are performed only when warranted.

Minimizing disruption of normal system operations will result in substantial cost savings, higher system reliability and increased up-time.

Health of your equipment maximized by experts in the field of equipment reliability

EnVibe has over 165 years combined vibration and industrial technologies experience, and has been working in diverse industries for 20 years. By employing EnVibe for a regularly scheduled PdM surveys, EnVibe’s Expert Analysts establish a complete diagnosis of your plant’s assets: develop baselines, monitor operating conditions, recommend optimizations and efficiency improvements. In addition, data acquired from EnVibe’s PdM identifies historical trends, will be used to effectively plan downtime and increase equipment reliability.

EnVibe’s Comprehensive Step-by-Step Predictive Maintenance Program

  • Step 1: Complete Database Development
  • Step 2: Baseline Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Step 3: Regular Monitoring and Analysis
  • Step 4: Data Management and Concise Reporting
  • Step 5: Corrective Action and New Data Acquisition

Details are available on How Vibration Analysis Works.

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