EnCAM—Remote Condition Asset Monitoring and Analysis

EnVibe_EnCAM_Remote Condition Asset Monitoring Service

You have questions, EnVibe has 24/7/365 answers. EnVibe’s Remote Monitoring System EnCAM seamlessly connects you to EnVibe’s Remote Expert Analysis, providing you with timely operational recommendations for your balance-of-plant equipment, including bad actors. Expert, reliable analysis only an upload away.

4 ways We remotely monitor and analyze your equipment so you don’t have to

  1. EnCAM Remote Monitoring System (RMS)
  2. EnCAM MAP—Motion Analysis Processing
  3. EnCAM Hand-Held (HH)
  4. EnCAM Alert

Whether it’s periodic monitoring, continual monitoring or anytime snapshot monitoring, EnVibe provides your company with three different strategies for seamlessly delivering essential expert analysis of the health and reliability of your equipment.

1. 24 hr DATA DOGS, WITHOUT The coffee break

Need equipment status updates ‘X’ times a day, everyday? EnCAM RMS provides daily analysis and reports with continual monitoring. Employ EnCAM’s RMS 24 hr digital data dog to provide you with near real-time, ultra HD anytime snapshots of the health of your equipment.

  • illuminate routine trends, predict future threats with 24/7/365 data
  • EnCAM RMS program dovetails to existing wired programs
  • install virtually anywhere including Class I Div II, Class I Div I locations
  • temporary or permanent install, rentable equipment (no capital expense)
  • scalable size of program with long or short-term contracts

2. MAP—Video-based Motion Analysis Processing

MAP—Motion Analysis Processing: Measure movement and vibration for virtually any fixed and rotating asset. It’s simple: get Expert Analysis and SEE vibration from videos you record and we process.

Learn more and see examples on our MAP Services Page.

  • identify and diagnose areas of movement not seen by the naked eye
  • every video pixel is a two-axis accelerometer with phase angles
  • target MAPed areas with prescriptive maintenance
  • understand your vibration problems with video
  • new level of data analysis

3. Condition monitoring data, where you want, when you want

Need to know how healthy your equipment is, but your scheduled PdM service call is months away? Use our EnCAM HH device to grab periodic condition monitoring data—it’s under your control, with answers only an upload away.

  • flexible system allows you to determine what machines to measure when
  • easy to operate data collection unit is slim, light and portable
  • quickly and easily upload process data to EnVibe for diagnosis
  • receive concise, action-item health assessments and maintenance requirements in easy-to-read EnVibe reports
  • easily expand condition monitoring to other plant assets

4. simple continuous monitoring solution

Start with EnCAM Alert—our easy to install device that tracks 24/7/365 vibration & temperature on any rotating equipment.

  • visible indicator lights show status at a glance: green, yellow or red
  • early detection of pending machine failure
  • illuminate routine trends
  • 3-Axis Vibration and Temperature Monitoring
  • captures Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Spectrum and Time Waveform data for EnVibe analysis

create a PROACTIVE equipment reliability system with encam

Whether it’s periodic monitoring, continual monitoring or anytime snapshot monitoring, discover how utilizing EnVibe’s EnCAM systems to provides you with the most up-to-date equipment reliability.


When used in concert with EnVibe’s Customized Predictive Maintenance Program (PdM), EnVibe’s Remote Continual Asset Monitoring Service EnCAM gives you the best of both worlds: EnVibe’s Expert Diagnostic Analysis and Continual Asset Monitoring for total health of operating equipment—backed by extensive in-the-field experience and over 165 years combined vibration and industrial technologies experience.

Discover how EnVibe’s partnership can be one of your best assets in your Equipment Reliability.

MAP—Motion analysis processing

An example of our MAP—Motion Analysis Processing Service. Learn more here.

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