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EnVibe Condition Monitoring was incorporated in the fall of 1997. The business was started with the idea that there was something missing in the Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Industry — high quality information dissemination, clarification and accessibility.

We partner with our customers to deliver solutions for the total health of their plant by focusing on collecting high quality, useful data. The analyzed data is given to the customers in a clear and concise method which allows them to make the most informed decisions about their equipment and operations as possible. EnVibe is now the industry standard leader in regards to reporting and data collecting.

With over 165 years combined vibration and industrial technologies experience, supported by an impeccable safety record, accreditation and innovation, EnVibe is your reliable equipment reliability solution. As a priority, EnVibe maintains a zero-accident safety record verified by third party industry standards like PICS, PEC, ISNetworld and Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils (ARSC). Please read more at Safety Is Priority One.

Our Expert Analysts are HUET, SEMS and TWIC certified and accredited. For additional information about service policies and procedures, please visit our FAQ page. For a comprehensive list of services offered, visit our Equipment Reliability Services page.

EnVibe designs and implements predictive maintenance programs in a wide range of industries: food plants, manufacturing facilities; water, gas and power facilities; municipal utilities; petrochemical plants; hospitals; paper plants; commercial buildings; offshore/onshore rigs and platforms and more. EnVibe’s programs can be tailored to virtually any industry, any industrial equipment.

Call or Contact EnVibe, The Equipment Reliability Specialists, at 888.473.5222 today for a quote or more information.

Our Foundation | the people behind the scenes

EnVibe believes in exceptional service for it’s clients. Although the face of EnVibe might be one of our Expert Analysts, there is a back office staff that holds many of the unseen services together.

Please meet the foundation of EnVibe, the people that make the day-to-day in-the-field service superior and keep EnVibe ticking. It’s time to put a face to that person you are speaking with on the phone.

Cathy Vacek, Service Coordinator

With EnVibe since 2007, Cathy is frequently the second voice you speak to if you are calling for service from EnVibe. A master scheduler, Cathy keeps all of our clients and analysts lined up, coordinating EnVibe services and client care.

You might know her for her client maintenance and monthly calls, managing existing, long-term relationships and PdM clients. In addition, Cathy is Tom’s right-hand go-to in the office, managing all the office administrative team staff.

Cathleen Bazaldua

Cathleen Bazaldua, Production Manager

With EnVibe since 2013, Cathleen is the master of reports, the cornerstone that makes them happen.

EnVibe’s reports are vital to our clients, and Cathleen ensures their delivery, working with field analysts and the data they collect, coordinating written clarity and accuracy with internal analysts and engineers, maintaining quality control at all points of the reports, then final delivery of vital information to the client.

Cathleen’s name is the one you see in your inbox, with a report attached giving you the answers you need on the health of your operating equipment.

Mayra Valadez, Accounts Receivable and Safety Administrator

With EnVibe since 2015, Mayra is EnVibe’s Zero Accident Record Safety Patrol, managing specific safety certifications, conducting and arranging background, drug and alcohol tests and keeping safety compliance accounts updated.

In addition, you might hear from Mayra about an invoice or payment, as she is in charge of Accounts Receivable, and is backup for Cathy’s scheduling duties. Mayra also does work on quotes for EnVibe services, and maintains field equipment inventory.

Sloan Gill

Sloan Gill, Inside Sales and Lead Estimator

With EnVibe since 2016, Sloan will most likely be your first point of contact with EnVibe. With a primary responsibility to answer phones and greet guests, Sloan is all around day-to-day operations support: at any time she might be processing and delivering customer quotes, proofing or delivering reports, tracking Account Receivables aging and payments, ordering office supplies or anything else that needs to be done.


Safety Certified and Accredited

TVTC Safety Training Centers, ISNetworld Member Contractor, Avetta, GRMS, DISA, TWIC US Department of Homeland Security, and CanQual

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