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Left: Darren Schur (14yr employee of EnVibe) Me on right, 2016

Changes, opportunities, strengths

As I move EnVibe into the third decade of business, I reflect on the many changes in the Equipment Reliability Industry. In the beginning, I had envisioned a much different future: one where equipment monitoring would come from everything being hard-wired together and machines communicating to a central system.


In those days, the internet and information sharing was in its infancy and I assumed the sky was the limit.


As the years progressed, I have seen a slow shift to what is finally coming to fruition: the efficiency of wireless technology and the ability to move large volumes of data to any location at any time for analysis.


Maximizing this advancement in technology with EnCAM—Remote Condition Asset Motoring Service—puts EnVibe in a strategic position to provide more information to our customers, helping them with critical operating decisions.


Let’s just say, this is a game changer.


Manufacturing and monitoring equipment can sometimes feel institutional, but we are in a rich time of opportunity, and I plan on taking EnVibe into its 3rd decade with all the technological advances, knowledge gain, new blood, enthusiasm and curiosity I’ve applied to the last 19 years.


Here’s to working with the best and the brightest for decades to come.


For those connected on LinkedIn, many thanks to all the well-wishers for my recent anniversary.


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