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When your client is responsible for research on such significant neurological issues as epilepsy, stroke, alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injury and autism, EnVibe suits up.

Our client maintains a very sensitive operating environment with strict requirements, so when a local construction project is announced, they call EnVibe in to measure the impact.

Since environmental disruptions influence the outcome of our clients life-saving research, EnVibe takes all aspects of the job seriously, including not influencing the environment during installation of the continuous monitoring program. So, when the client said they were more concerned about the safety of the research animals than our safety around the animals, we did what was necessary and suited up appropriately.

Envibe Analysts Mario Pena and Grady Gage, ready for surgery

Applying our extensive knowledge of building mechanics, construction operations, engineering knowledge and structural design, we set up a continuous, long-term monitoring program made to identify disturbances, ones that can exist below the human threshold, occur at hours where labs are unsupervised, occur intermittently, etc.

Using strategically placed microphones, accelerometers and other equipment, we are able to acquire a 24/7 data collection of all activity during this period, ensuring a “disturbance-free” operating environment for our client.

EnVibe has done this before

EnVibe has employed their long-term monitoring programs in locations including crime labs that use extremely sensitive equipment like spectrometers, art museums hanging old, valuable and fragile paintings, medical research facilities with live animals, medical MRI installations and low-tolerance, precision manufacturing facilities. In addition, EnVibe has the Master Service Agreement (MSA) vendor relationship with Philips Healthcare as the exclusive vendor in North America for prepping installation and troubleshooting installed MRI machines.

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