Stray Voltage Analysis

EnVibe has added another tool to ensure your Equipment Reliability: Stray Voltage Analysis. If you’ve ever heard the high-pitch whining sound from your VFD and/or large motors (over 100 horsepower)motor, … Read more

Vibration Monitoring Systems Calibration

All Vibration Monitoring Systems and Instrumentation have electrical components that degrade over time due to environmental factors, material fatigue, contact failures, contamination, mechanical shock/stress and many other unforeseen variables. When … Read more

Vibration Analysis Services

EnVibe’s Vibration Analysis Service utilizes the science of monitoring vibration patterns of motors, pumps, any operating equipment or environments to detect healthy and unhealthy vibrational patterns. All mechanical equipment has … Read more

Ultrasonic Evaluation

Ultrasonic inspection senses high-frequency sounds produced by air, steam, gas, and electrical operating equipment. Ultrasound, a high frequency, short sound wave signal that is extremely effective in noisy environments, is … Read more

Vibration Analysis for Sensitive Backgrounds

Environmental and conditional disturbances come from many sources and can have significant adverse effect on facilities that contain sensitive equipment like computers, electronics, manufacturing facilities, nanotechnology, animal vivariums and medical … Read more

Advanced Vibration Analysis Diagnostics

When your company is in machinery-intensive industries such as oil and gas production, hydrocarbon processing, electric power generation, pulp & paper, water and waste water treatment, you are familiar with … Read more

Predictive Maintenance PdM Programs

With Predictive Maintenance Services (PdM) from EnVibe, your vital operating equipment communicates with you and your EnVibe Expert Analysts about the status of internally operating conditions and creates a proactive, … Read more