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Lubrication OMA I II MLA I II III Certifications / HOUSTON TX

May 24 @ 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

Unique, innovative, and rare opportunity for these 5 advanced lubrication certifications: Oil Monitoring Analyst (OMA) I & II, Machine Lubricant Analyst (MLA) I, II, & III. Aligned with ICML and STLE required body of knowledge.

Participants will learn how to transform an existing lubrication process from modest and reactive to thorough, accurate and proactive.

Advanced Lubrication Concepts for all Skill Levels

For predictive maintenance professionals who oversee oil analysis programs on both tech and supervisory level. Recommended for reliability/lubrication engineers, tribologists, maintenance supervisors or onsite/commercial lab management, tradesmen, chemical managers or on-site lab personnel.

All pulled together in one complete package

  • Live, in-person real-world experience training—no death by powerpoint
  • Real world testing and analyzing oil samples at MRT Laboratories
  • Cost and time effective—training for five certificates, and exam, all in one week
  • Held at EnVibe’s state-of-the-art training facilites
  • Take tests on Day 5

Designed For engineers, managers, And technicians

And all who seek to improve knowledge and reliability programs.

Taught by Michael D. Holloway, author of 8 books, 142 articles, dozens of certifications, with 30+ years’ experience in the lubrication and training industry. Well known for his unique and successful ICML and STLE training.


Designed to prepare you to take the STLE OMA I & II certification exam as well as MLA I, II & III exams through ICML. This class will be held at the EnVibe Training Facility with lab work and instruction to be held at MRT Laboratories in Houston Texas. Those enrolled in this course will have access to the on-line content as well.

The following is the course outline:

Day 1

  • Lubrication Theory & Fundamentals
  • Lubricant Roles and Functions (Strong Emphasis)

Day 2

  • Lubricant Selection
  • Lubricant Application
  • Lube Storage and Management

Day 3

  • Lube Condition Control (Atlas Reliability)
  • Oil Sampling
  • Lubricant Health Monitoring
  • Wear Debris Monitoring and Analysis

Day 4

  • Oil Analysis Maintenance Strategies (Strong Emphasis at MRT Laboratories)
  • Lubricant Contamination Measurement and Control (Strong Emphasis at MRT Laboratories)
  • Program Development (Intense Emphasis)

Day 5 – EXAMS


This course will help prepare you for the three levels of MLA and the OMA I and the enigmatic OMA II.  Its 5 courses in 1 – you can achieve all 5 certifications with hard work and focus! This combination Oil Monitoring Analyst I & II (OMA I & II) & Machine Lubricant Analyst (MLA I, II, III®) Certification Exam Preparation course offers the required hours instruction and is the most advanced oil analysis training available.  It is designed to prepare you to take the STLE Oil Monitoring Analyst I & II (OMA I & II) and the ICML Machine Lubricant Analyst (MLA I, II, III) exams with preparation compliant with ISO 18436-4. The additional content required for MLA II and III will be provided for those interested in taking these exams.  ISO stipulates that you must first hold a MLA level I before taking a level II exam or the MLA level II before taking the level III. The cost of the course does not include the ICML or STLE exam fees.

Study materials and practice quizzes are included. This course works with you PERSONALLY to prepare to take each of the 5 exams. The STLE Oil Monitoring Analyst and ICML Machine Lubricant Analyst, targets in-plant technicians and engineers responsible for managing the lubricant analysis function. Tasks include team management, test slate selection, setting alarms and limits, sampling system design, instruments and software selection and advanced diagnostics.  As per ISO 18436-4, you have to have achieved the MLA I prior to being able to enroll to take the MLA II exam and achieved the MLA II prior to being able to enroll to take the MLA III exam. Those who already hold the MLA I, and wish to the MLA II or those who hold the MLA II certification, and wish to take the MLA III exam will be provide individual guided instruction in addition to the course material covered.

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