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EnVibe saved the new fan with expert field balancing.

EnVibe’s in-the-field rotating equipment vibrational analysis expertise and experience was called upon after a client had two successive fan catastrophic failures in their cooling fan on their gas-fired generator. The client’s belt-driven, overhung fan shattered into many pieces due to unforeseen reasons. This particular fan’s vibration signature and reliability condition could not be assessed while in running state due to

EnVibe Case History: Analysis of Journal Sleeve Bearing

Summary: This article describes the limitations and pitfalls of single-channel data as opposed to dual-channel data in the analysis of a journal sleeve bearing. This article is concerned with the analysis of displacement data in mils peak to peak taken from a permanently installed multi-channel monitoring system. The proximity probes on a multi-stage compressor train are monitored weekly using a

EnVibe Case History: Carbon Seal Rub on a Steam Turbine

Summary – This article describes the effects and vibration responses when carbon seal rubs are experienced on a steam turbine and procedures for correction. EnVibe received a call concerning a steam turbine unit driving a 32 inch gas blower at a chemical plant. The turbine had just undergone a yearly PM, replacing the bearings and seals. When the unit was

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