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EnVibe Case History: Carbon Seal Rub on a Steam Turbine

Summary – This article describes the effects and vibration responses when carbon seal rubs are experienced on a steam turbine and procedures for correction. EnVibe received a call concerning a steam turbine unit driving a 32 inch gas blower at a chemical plant. The turbine had just undergone a yearly PM, replacing the bearings and seals. When the unit was

EnVibe 5 Year Predictive Maintenance Case History

Over a period of five years, EnVibe’s Equipment Reliability Group developed a Vibration Survey and Condition-Based Predictive Maintenance Program for a large plant in the Houston area. In the following text, you will find two graphs which contain the overall vibration data from the entire period. Supporting data tables are found below each graph displaying the vibration levels from the

Whale of a Tail!

A few years ago I was scheduled to go offshore to a production platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The platform had some problems with their Turbine/Compressor train and my job was to find out what was wrong and see that the problem was solved. The platform is located 60 some miles off the coast of Louisiana over the Mississippi

Making Bottles

EnVibe is involved in many different industries ranging from industrial to medical, onshore/offshore platforms — the list is long. In the Plastics Industry, we are involved with the entire range — from the source of raw material to the final making of plastic containers. In this video clip is a customer of ours that makes Plastic Bottles, a large variety

EnVibe’s Hot Rolling Steel

Part of what makes my job so fascinating is all the diverse industries we perform vibration analysis of machinery in. Take, in this case, a steel plant that makes plate steel and large steel pipes. I was able to capture this video of the glowing yellow steel coming out of the furnace and going through the large rolls is interesting.

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